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Make sure to include the list when replying to posts via email. This ensures that everyone is able to see and contribute to the discussion.

AddressRegistration and archivesDescriptionComments
onos-announce@onosproject.orgLinkGeneral ONOS announcements.This list is used to let ONOS community know of events and other notifications. You should be on this list.
onos-discuss@onosproject.orgLinkGeneral ONOS discussion list.This list is for general discussions related to ONOS topics that do not fall under onos-dev. Good idea to be on this list.
onos-dev@onosproject.orgLinkONOS developer discussions.This list is for all ONOS development related discussions. If you are a developer, you should be on this list.
onos-tst@onosproject.orgLinkONOS Technical Steering Team discussions.This list for ONOS TST public discussions regarding architecture, project approvals and general direction-setting discussions.
onos-test@onosproject.orgLinkONOS tester discussions.This list is for all ONOS test activities related discussions. If you are a tester, you should be on this list.
collaborate@onosproject.orgLinkLinked used to send collaboration requestsThis is a list used for organizations to submit collaboration requests. The collaboration template should be attached to emails sent here.
onos-doc@onosproject.orgLinkONOS Documentation contributions (i.e. wiki)The list focuses on documentation contributions, mainly in form of wiki writing, editing, re-organization. If you are working on ONOS documentation, you should be on this list.
ambassadors@onosproject.orgLinkONOS Ambassadors programThe list is used to exchange information about the ONOS Ambassadors Program.
Other ONOS mailing lists