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On the northbound, ONOS provides a new Java API called "BMv2 Device Context Service" that can be used by applications to specify at runtime the JSON configuration of a given BMv2 device. Match-action tables can be populated using existing northbound APIs such as flow rule, flow objective or intents, with native support for non-standard P4 match and actions via ONOS extension selectors and treatments. Eventually, the BMv2 service API will be merged into the core northbound API in the next versions of ONOS as a device-independent API for programmable data planes.

On the southbound, ONOS speaks with BMv2 using Thrift. This project has been based on a fork of the official BMv2 repository, called onos-bmv2. We customized the BMv2 “simple_switch” target in order to support SDN-like control features such as sending of "hello" messages and packet-in events to a remote controller, and primitives to transmit packets over a given port similarly to OpenFlow packet-outs. The source code of onos-bmv2 is available here.