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Applications are expected to provide an implementation of such interface. While for criteria

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ONOS wording for to refer to the match fields of a flow rule


 and tables it is possible to specify a 1-to-1 relationship through a Java map, for instructions the same is not possible or at least it's not convenient. The reason is that instructions in ONOS are modeled after OpenFlow actions (which are protocol-dependent), while flow rule treatments (
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ONOS wording to refer to the ensemble of actions to be applied as a consequence of a flow table match


are defined as a list of multiple instructions. In P4 instead, actions are defined as a compound of low-level protocol-independent primitives (not expressible using ONOS instructions), and, most important, P4 allows to specify only one action per table entry. Extracting the "meaning" of a given treatment instance and mapping it to a P4 action is not straightforward and it's usually program-specific. That’s why we expect a P4 programmer using ONOS to write its own interpretation logic (i.e. Java code) that can map a given treatment instance to a BMv2 action instance.


"Default" Context


  • When running a cluster with multiple instances of ONOS, a stack overflow Java exception will be thrown by Bmv2TableEntryService. This is due to a known bug of the Kryo serializer. This issue has been already fixed and is available in the latest master and onos-1.6 branch.
  • The current Bmv2FlowRuleTranslator implementation is able to translate only a few types of criterions (IN_PORT, ETH_SRC, ETH_DST, ETH_TYPE) to BMv2 match keys of only ternary type. Seeking community help to implement translation for other criterion types and to other BMv2 match types (exact, LPM, valid, etc.). Get in touch if interested.



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