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Brigade leads and members come from around the world and we recognize that it is impossible to schedule meetings that will work for everyone in every time zone.  Because of this we are sensitive to asking people to attend meetings and we've tried to minimize brigade-related calls.  We strongly encourage brigades to participate in the regular sprint and release reviews however since it is important to coordinate your efforts with others in the project and it is a great opportunity to get the recognition and credit you deserve.  If a lead can't join the meetings, please find someone else on your brigade that can make the call.  You can find the meeting details on the ONOS community calendar.  For other meetings, you and your brigade can decide if and when to schedule team meetings.

Brigade Leads Mailing List

If you are leading a brigade or acting as a mentor, please take an active role on the Brigade Leads mailing listThis list is for leads and mentors of active ONOS and CORD brigades.  Discussions will focus on discussing issues, asking questions and sharing tips about running a successful brigade.  You will benefit from learning about what has worked well for other brigades and other leads can learn about the tips and suggestions you have from your experience.

Test Coverage

Test Coverage is an important aspect for stability of ONOS.  Test Coverage includes Unit Tests and System Tests.