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Hackathon Teams

Team NameProject IdeaTeam Members
SchnappiONOS Snap
  • Loic Minier (Team Captain)
YANGBuilding new features and applications on top of YMS and YANG Tools
  • Gaurav Agrawal (Team Captain)
PCEPCE Calendering - Extensions needed to the Path Computation Element (PCE) communication Protocol (PCEP), so as to enable Labeled switched Path (LSP) scheduling for path computation and LSP setup/deletion based on the actual network resource usage duration of a traffic service in a centralized network environment. A scheduled LSP can be setup at its starting time and deleted after its usage duration such that LSPs for the other traffic services can take over these network resources beyond that period
  • Satish Karunanithi (Team Captain)
  • Vinod Selvaraj
Love CORDingA network monitor feature in ONOS which could check the latency between any two switches.
  • Jian-Hao Chen (Team Captain)
  • Tim Chen



(*) 1st and 2nd prizes will be in the form of Amazon gift vouchers