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titlegit-review on Mac

For more info about git-review refer to this link

If you're using a Mac, you may need to manually upgrade the git-review package dependency. (git-review bug#1337701)

$ sudo pip install --upgrade setuptools
$ sudo pip install --upgrade git-review




ONOS is a Java based platform. In order to be able to compile the code, you need to install Oracle Java 1.8. The OpenJDK equivalent might work, but it's not suggested, since it has never been tested.

Since Oracle had an license update on April 16 2019, anyone who want to download java8 has to register account, the apt methods of installing will not work.

Go to Oracle JDK download website, login and download the tar ball : jdk-8uxxx-linux-x64.tar.gz

Code Block
titleHow to install Oracle Java 1.8 in one command on Ubuntu
for JavaCommand in java jar java2groovy javac javadoc javafxpackager javah javap javapackager javaws
    sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/$JavaCommand $JavaCommand /your_path_extracted_jdk/bin/$JavaCommand 1

Install bazel

currently  bazel.0.27.0 is the lastest one that support building ONOS, please refer to Install bazel for how to install bazellarge project comprising of multiple relatively independent modules that lend themselves to be built in parallel, resulting in much faster. This is why the project chose to build via Bazel. Developers should install Bazel (0.27.0 at the time of writing) before they can build the project themselves.