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By default, automatically forwards connections to the Mininet VM/server to the appropriate ONOS instance.

ServiceVM port to connect to
GUI/REST8181 (onos1), 8182 (onos2) ...
Karaf via ssh8101 (onos1), 8102 (onos2) ...
OpenFlow6653 (onos1), 6654 (onos2) ...

So if you are using a VM whose IP address is 192.168.x.y, to connect to the GUI on ONOS1, you would use the URL http://192.168.x.y:8181/onos/ui/


If you are using VirtualBox, you will probably need to add a host-only interface to your VM and you may even need to run dhclient to make sure that that interface has an IP address. You can also set up port forwarding on a single interface - in this case you will want to make sure that it is set up for every port you wish to connect to (e.g. 8181 for the GUI on onos1.)

Starting ONOS with debug option

You can start ONOS cluster as debug mode with debug option 'debug=True'.

Code Block
sudo mn --custom --controller onos,3,debug=True --topo torus,4,4

For debugging ONOS with intelliJ IDEA, refer to Debugging ONOS with IntelliJ IDEA.