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  • Gaurav Agrawal

    • Handle YANG compiler adaption to YANG architecture with Dynamic Config Store.

        • Enable YANG compiler to be independent of build environment and deployable in a standalone JVM/OSGi environment.

      • Design YANG tools generated code to adapt with newer architecture.

    • Handle YANG base Models

      • Define YANG models.

      • Define model converter for conversion between schema aware and schema agnostic forms.

      • Define schema context and schema context provider.-

    • Handle YANG Runtime

      • Define and implement YANG runtime services.

      • Define YANG serializer and YANG model.

      • Define and implement serializer registry.-

    • Handle ONOS YANG App

      • Define and implement YANG runtime manager.

  • Bharat Saraswal

    • Handle data tree builder implementation which contains implementation of

      • Provides data node, leaf node and inner node

      and leaf node
      • implementation.

      • Provides create , delete and update data tree functionality.

    • Model converter implementation for converting model object data to resource data.

    • Implementation of private-package instruction requirement in onos-buck plugin.

    • Handle implementation of yang compiler manager to provide standalone jvm/osgi env.

    • Implement Yang model and provide model registry implementation.

  • Vidyashree Rama

    • Handle YANG tools generated code to extend Model Object for module, sub-module, container, list and augment.

    • Handle YANG tools generated classes for augmentable node to adopt to augmentation defined in Model Object.

    • Handle YANG tools modification to stop generation of process subtree, select leaf etc.

    • Builder pattern to replace with setters for generated code to provide mutability to the generated code.

    • YANG tools to generate service interface only for RPC and notification.

    • Auto generation of RPC handler, RPC commands and Register RPC class to ease application usage.

    • Implementation of XML serializer to carry out XML to data node/ resource id CODEC

    • Model converter implementation for converting resource data to model object data

    • Implementation of Model Object Id to support schema unaware application to create resource identifier.

  • Sonu Gupta

    • Implementation of  YANG Implemented YANG schema provider context.

    • Implementation of Defined and implemented  YANG serializer helper utility.

    • Implementation of  YANG Data Node listener based  walker mechanism.

    • Implementation of netconf passive component utility.

    • Implementation of restconf utility to make DynamicConfigStore API inline with RESTCONFDefined YANG data node listener's based walker mechanism.

    • Support for NETCONF active/passive component utility.


    • Himanshu Ranjan
      •  Add ability to connect NETCONF devices through ssh