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Comment: Published from Jenkins build: https://onos-jenkins.onlab.us/job/USECASE_SdnipFunction/732/


  • 10.1 Check flow entry number in sw1 - FAIL (error)
    • Flow number in sw1 is wrong!
  • 10.2 Check flow entry number in sw7 - PASS (tick)FAIL (error)
    • Flow number in sw7 is wrong!
  • 10.3 Start sw11 - PASS (tick)
  • 10.4 Check routes installed - PASS (tick)
  • 10.5 Check M2S intents installed - PASS (tick)
  • 10.6 Check P2P intents installed - PASS (tick)
  • 10.7 Check whether all flow status are ADDED - PASS (tick)
  • 10.8 BGP speakers ping peers, expect all tests to succeed - PASS (tick)
  • 10.9 Check ping between each host pair, expect all to succede=True - PASS (tick)