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Features List


  • Improved failure detection for faster mastership election times

  • Migration of all distributed primitives to Atomix

  • Raft log compaction optimizations

  • Offline backup/restore

ISSU Brigade

  • ISSU architecture documentation

  • ISSU protocol prototype

  • Foundation for in-place rolling upgrades

  • Offline backup/restore tooling

  • Primitive state isolation

  • Communication isolation

  • Upgrade lifecycle management commands

  • Upgrade failure detection

  • Support for rolling back upgrades

  • Application store upgrades

Dynamic Configuration Brigade

  • Design/refactoring of the store to address deficiencies discovered from device sync work

  • Device Synchronizer design - operational state to app missing, north to south in place

P4 Brigade

  • Demo

  • Support for P4 action profiles/groups (enables control of ECMP-like forwarding behaviours)

  • Support for mastership arbitration

  • P4Runtime driver support for ONOS multi-instance

  • Added device driver for Barefoot Tofino

  • PI framework refactoring

gRPC Brigade

  • Added

    • LinkService

    • HostService

    • MeterService

    • ComponentConfigService

    • RegionService

    • ApplicationService

  • Support gRPC service registration with static binding mechanism

GUI Brigade

  • Application View filter

  • Added Details Panel for Ports, Meters, and Groups views

LION Brigade

  • Proof-of-concept translations for some core views: Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Turkish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Plus Greek ongoing...

Network Virtualization Brigade

  • Virtualization core - distributed virtual flow rule store added

  • OFAgent handles PORT_MOD, FLOW_MOD, GROUP_MOD, METER_MOD messages

  • Log filtering per OFAgent tenant capability is now available

  • External Connectivity to allow communications between other networks (I.e., other virtual networks, Internet)

  • STC tests for virtual networks added

Teaching Brigade

  • ONOS Build tutorials

  • ONOS Build videos being processed to provide easy to use session-based tutorials

Security and Performance Analysis Brigade

Packet Optical

  • Additional device support by Equinix, Polatis, OpLink

  • Support for PowerConfig API on Polatis device

  • REST API to allow application outside ONOS to access PowerConfig API

  • Ciena transponder supports more API/Behaviours & protocol options

New Use Cases

  • Simple Fabric : Intents based leaf-spine fabric application for physical switches.

Jira Details

Release Notes - ONOS - Version 1.12.0