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  • ONOS with the following key features

    • high-availability, scalability*, performance*

    • northbound abstractions (application intents)

    • southbound abstractions (OpenFlow adapters)

    • modular code-base

    • GUI

  • Open source

    • ONOS code-base on GitHub

    • documentation & infrastructure processes to engage the community

  • Use-case demonstrations

    • SDN-IP, Packet-Optical

    • Note - Segment Routing use case code is in a separate repo here. It will be in mainstream ONOS in Blackbird release.

  • Sample applications

    • reactive forwarding, mobility, proxy arp



did not get done for Avocet Release and is next for ONOS in May'15 - Blackbird release?

  • Prove out performance at scale

    • current release falls short in our own view

    • testing with real hardware

    • provide comprehensive assessment

  • Continue to increase robustness

    • defects, edge-cases, additional failure scenarios

    • continuous testing framework

  • Segment Routing use-case

    • Is on an older version of ONOS and will be port to the released version of ONOS

  • REST API & Security

  • Support for OpenFlow 1.3 multiple-tables