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First and foremost, anyone interested in contributing in any way should join onos-discussThis is the primary mailing list for general questions and discussions. There are several other mailing lists that you may want to join, such as onos-dev for code contributorsONOS developers.

Tutorials and Documentation


The ONOS Project is a composite of the ONOS SDN platform itself and the various projects using it (applications and use cases). Information about the ongoing projects may be found on [Projects]. Many of these projects will have an Epic associated with them so that the tasks associated with them may easily be found, as described in the next section. 

Finding Tasks to Work On

Crowd Registration

An account is required to access to the various contributor services and access rights. An account may be created by registering here.


Lost usernames may be recovered by going here.
Lost passwords may be recovered by going here.

Finding tasks on JIRA

The ONOS project keeps Project keeps track of various tasks with JIRA. In specific, we maintain a category for tasks, labeled as "Starter", which have lower barriers of entry. These Starter tasks are intended for newcomers to the project that wish to work on existing material. 


More information about searching JIRA can be found in Finding, Claiming, and Working On Issues.

Proposing a new project or task

Anyone can approach the mailing lists with project ideas and proposals. For example, if a developer has written a new application or a provider for a new protocol, and wishes to contribute it back to ONOS, it is a good idea for them to drop a line on the mailing list, rather than to submit a pull request without a warning.

Creating Tasks and Sub-Tasks