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Nominee’s bio (and/or LinkedIn profile)

How long have been working in the ONOS community?

I have been contributing to ONOS since its first release in December 2014. (5 7 years and 3 months)

What contributions have you made in the past to the ONOS community?

I am the


technical lead of SD-Fabric control plane, which leverages ONOS to build a fully programmable, fully visible networking fabric for private 5G edge cloud.
I am a key contributor of Trellis


- the predecessor of SD-Fabric and one of the most successful ONOS use cases deployed in production.
I have made 450+ improvements throughout the system, including
    - Applications (reactive forwarding, dhcp relay, port load balancer, route service, routing, mcast service, segment routing...etc.)
    - Core subsystems (OF-DPA pipeliner, flow objective, flow, group, host, packet...etc.)
    - Providers (host, link, hostprobing, openflow...etc.)
    - Utils (IPv6, LACP)
I am also the top code contributor of 2018 by number of commits



What are you actively working on in ONOS?

I continue to improve Trellis SD-Fabric and ONOS to make sure the platform can meet production requirements in terms of features, reliability, scalability and performance.
I also invest time in operationalizing ONOS, such as maintaining helm chart, deployment automation process and logging/monitoring integration

Why do you feel you would be a good candidate for this position?

I have a strong background in computer networking and years of experiences in designing, implementing, deploying and troubleshooting Trellis SD-Fabric and ONOS at scale.

Are there any changes you would like to bring to the community if elected into this position?

I would like to ensure that
- ONOS continues to meet the requirements for production deployments with its reliable, scalable and extensible architecture.

- ONOS is capable of adopting imminent use cases such as network verificationSD-Fabric and Aether