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commit 91a6defdcfc9559519a8459674c0219d54dc5700 060c67930e8b20bfae01c2d7a50c10b2c1047923 (HEAD -] master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Author: Gamze Abaka Thomas Vachuska [gamzetom@opennetworking.abaka@netsia.comorg]
AuthorDate: Sat Dec 8 08:53:41 2018 +0000Thu Jan 3 14:48:29 2019 -0800
Commit: Charles Chan Ray Milkey [rascov@gmailray@opennetworking.comorg]
CommitDate: Wed Fri Jan 2 154 00:3406:44 26 2019 -0800
Currently, only pmc-olt driver supports meter mod messages; other olt drivers such as voltha, nokia, celestica etc. must support meter mod. It is a requirement of bandwidth profile implementation of voltha project+0000

Adding .bazelrc option for Bazel 0.21.0 support.

Case 1: Starting up 1 node(s) ONOS cluster - PASS