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  • - name of the application, should be specified in reverse DNS notation, e.g. org.onosproject.fwd
  • - name of the originating entity or company, e.g. ON.Lab
  • - comma-separated list of applications required by this app

Multi-bundle applications, or those that need to bring in other artifacts, or custom feature dependencies can be defined using the app.xml file, located in the module base directory. The app.xml file specifies the following attributes:

  • name - application name, specified in reverse DNS notation
  • version - application version
  • origin - company or organization where application originated
  • description - short description of the application
  • features - list of Apache Karaf features that comprise the application
  • featuresRepo - optional URL of application feature definition artifact
  • apps - comma-separated list of applications required by this app
  • artifact - lists artifacts that are to be included in application package


Orchestration systems and tools can use the REST API to interact with the application subsystem either directly, or using the onos-app shell utility, which uses the REST API and has the following usage: