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You can use the CLI overlay to add your own commands to the CLI for your app.  Edit the file src/main/java/org/foo/app/ to see how the sample command is implemented and the file src/main/resources/OSGI-INF/blueprint/shell-config.xml to see how new commands are integrated into the existing CLI.


The web UI overlay is now active.  To view the new application page that was just created, point your browser to the ONOS GUI at http://localhost:8181/onos/ui/. In the upper left corner of the home page, click the navigation button to activate the drop down navigation menu. At the bottom of the list, you will see an entry for "Sample".  If you select it, you will be sent to a page called "Sample App View" which is a page that was installed by your test application.

You can now use the generated web UI to add your own UI elements. The Java back end that was generated for your web UI can be seen in src/main/java/org/foo/app/ and the HTML used to display the new page can be found in src/main/resources/app/view/sample/sample.html.

Happy coding 

Finally your application is loaded and running withing ONOS. Also, the generation process has generated an entire project which can be loaded into your favourite JAVA editor.