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subject key describes the category of network element, e.g. links, devices, hosts, etc. Each network element is associated with a unique identifier (a subject) and one or more attributes, associated with some value, grouped into configs. The configs themselves are classified by config keys.

The JSON file used with the service then takes on the following format:

Code Block
    subject key : {                   # element category, e.g. "devices", "links", etc.
        subject : {                   # unique string, e.g. a device ID
            config key 1 : {          # config class of config, e.g. "basic"
                attr1 : value1,       # attribute : value pairs associated with a config
                attr2 : value2,

Sample configuration files may be found in ${ONOS_ROOT}/tools/test/configs/ .


Network Configurations for Southbound Providers. 

Different southbound providers, namely NETCONF, SNMP, REST and TL1 use net-cfg as the mechanism to inject ip, port, username, password of a device. 

You can find information about each of these protocols and json examples in their respecitive wiki pages. 

Sample configuration for these protocols are also stored in ${ONOS_ROOT}/tools/test/configs/ .