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Does your corporation or organization want to become more deeply involved with the ONOS project and its partners? If becoming a Partner or Innovator is not possible, we encourage you to consider becoming an official ONOS Project Collaborator.  (Individuals are always welcome to contribute; this is about how organizations can officially join ONOS.)  Collaborators contribute personnel resources (minimum of 1 FTE with demonstrable deliverables) without making a financial contribution. Collaborators receive access to community resources and can influence the direction of ONF’s efforts through open source contributions by merging in features and capabilities beneficial to their goals.

Collaborator Benefits

What benefits does a collaborator receive?

  • Strategic value - Be more closely involved than open source email lists allow with those who are leading the SDN and NFV revolution. Gain better understanding possible of where SDN and NFV initiatives are heading, and where the leading service providers and their vendors are going.

  • Business value - Open up new business opportunities for your company by being involved in the transition to SDN and NFV - align your company with the leaders in this space - get involved in new business initiatives

  • Marketing value - Have your logo placed on the ONOS and ONF web sites along with the logos of the leaders of the SDN and NFV revolution and be recognized as an official member of the ONOS community.

  • Technical value - Learn from the experts in SDN and NFV. Work closely with the architects and visionaries of this revolution. Understand the possibilities for transforming your organization early as a result of advanced knowledge.

A full listing of benefits is available on the ONF's Membership Info page.

Collaborator Requirements

What is required of a collaborator? The main requirement is to bring value to the ONOS Project community. How can you do that?

  • By dedicating resources to help with the ONOS project - in development, testing, documentation, or any number of other areas.

  • By integrating ONOS with your products. Integrate ONOS into your products and help ONOS become the platform of choice for network control.

  • By deploying ONOS in your networks. Use ONOS to build an SDN and/or NFV infrastructure.

  • Contribute and maintain source code on behalf of the ONOS project.

Collaborator Process

What is the process to become a collaborator? It is simple:

Aligning Contributions

Contributing organizations are encouraged to seek alignment early on in their development process.  This early alignment saves time for everyone involved and increases the chances that contributions will be beneficial for the project.  This doesn’t always happen -- if you have already completed work on a contribution that you are ready to make to the project, the alignment process can be skipped and you can move on to the recognition process described below.

  1. Document the contribution you are interested in making.  You can use the template found here or you can send us a document with details about your contribution, the resources dedicated to this effort and relevant information around deliverables, milestones and dates.
  2. When ready, send your proposal to the ONOS Technical Steering Team for review:, using subject format "COLLABORATION PROPOSAL from" and add your company name. The technical steering team will review the proposal within 3 weeks and provide an initial determination. That determination will indicate the level of interest and alignment, and will probably include a number of questions. It may also include a request for a meeting to further discuss the proposal.
  3. Once the TST signs off on the proposal, members of the ONF will be happy to help get you onboarded into the project if you have any questions about the tools and processes that you should be using to collaborate.
  4. Once you have started making contributions, please follow the steps below to receive recognition.

Recognizing Contributions


When your first commitments have been accepted (source code committed and delivered in a release, for example), the collaboration can be announced.  The logo will be put onto the ONOS project web site and the logo will be added to standard presentation templates.


Please take a look at our Collaboration Recognition process here