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  1. Fetch and compile ONOS
  2. Enable Segment Routing applications in your cell configuration:

    Code Block
  3. Configure Segment Routing

    You can copy and modify from the following sample json file:

    No Format
    1. Running remotely (1, 3+ instances)
      Push the sample json file to the remote machine using onos-netcfg command

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      onos-netcfg <IP> $ONOS_ROOT/tools/package/config/samples/network-cfg-fabric-2x2-minfabric4x4.json

      Run stc setup to start ONOS with new configuration.


    2. Running locally (1 instance)
      Copy the sample json file to the following location and rename it to network-cfg.json:

      No Format

      Run ok clean to start ONOS with the new configuration.