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This wiki documents the current development version of ONOS (master). Refer to the Wiki Archives for documentation for all previous versions of ONOS.

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Falcon Release 

Version: 1.5.1 

Release Date: April 20, 2016

Download here

This release primarily addresses some minor performance regressions and adds batch support for the FlowRule REST API. It also includes the following:


  • [ONOS-4641] - REST clients can't specify app-id for intents as a ad-hoc identifier


  • [ONOS-2586] - BGP-LS project
  • [ONOS-3870] - Implement Yang utility to generate Java from Yang


  • [ONOS-4049] - High level Design for PCE & PCECC at Controller
  • [ONOS-4168] - Maintain all PCC LSPs, assign keys and maintain other protocol specific info in annotations
  • [ONOS-4390] - Release 1.5.1
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