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ONOS Goldeneye Release Content

Community - New collaborators

  • Announced new collaborators: Calix
  • Unannounced new collaborators that have been approved but haven’t been communicated yet: Argela, IPT, SDNLAB, Villa-Tech

R&E Deployments

  • Contributions from ON.Lab, AmLight, AARNET, Internet2, GEANT, IEEE
  • Enable AmLight to change cost of the links in their network
  • Castor has been contributed back by AARNET to the ONOS main repo
  • Initial steps to integrate L2 and L3 apps (specifically VPLS and SDN-IP) in ONOS
  • Announced ONOS integration into an international industrial federated testbed

Automated testing, Build environment

  • Contributions from ON.Lab, Ciena, Huawei, Criterion

  • Phased in "Chaos Monkey" for longevity test

  • Built test suite on dynamic clustering

  • Included testing intent with FlowObjectives

  • BGPLS functional test case

  • IPv6 functional test case

  • Added VLAN selectors and treatments  to Intent functionality tests

  • Moved to Buck in the build environment


Contributions from ON.Lab, Huawei, POSTECH, CREATE-NET, Politecnico of Turin, Tata (TCS), BUPT

  • ICONA enhancements - for example, ICONA to BGP interface
  • Control Plane Manager (CPMan)
    • Control Plane Manager adds management capability to the control plane enhancing HA/reliability
    • Added REST API for exposing control metrics (e.g., system metrics + control message)
    • Enhanced MetricsDatabase to support multi-resources
    • Enhanced metric reporters in a way to notify all metric reporters when metric registry has been changed
    • Support for querying control metrics of remote node
    • Implemented Web GUI using chart model to visualize control metrics in bar/line charts
  • InfluxDB Report and Query App
    • This application adds capability to report and retrieve various control metrics stored in MetricsService to/from InfluxDB
    • By querying InfluxDB, we can easily obtain the control metrics from all ONOS instances
    • Added a way to integrate InfluxDB and Grafana to visualize control metrics
  • Ganglia Report and Query App
    • This application adds capability to report various control metrics stored in MetricsService to ganglia monitoring server
  • Chart Model
    • Chart model provides a way to visualize a set of data points with line or bar chart without knowing the details
    • CPMan makes use of chart model to plot control message stats in both line chart and bar chart
  • Network Troubleshooting App
    • The Loop Detect interface and the Black Hole Detect interface are integrated into one interface. Network troubles can be detected by calling this unique interface.
    • Improved code structure and function partitions.
    • The application supports Remote Procedure Call, helping to prevent blocking when multiple applications call the network trouble shooting function.
    • Improved the javadoc making the API comments generated by swagger more friendly.
  • SDN-IP App
    • Runtime configuration update support.
    • Remove intents using App ID when App get deactivated.
    • Reactive-routing uses new config subsystem of ONOS. Which means, there is no need to use son-ip.json any more.
    • Introducing support for multi vlans for SDN-IP
  • Advanced Yang constructs implementation
    • Include, Import, Grouping/Uses, Choice, RPC, Notification, Augment, Sub-module, Inter/Intra file linking, all built-in and derived data types.
  • SFC
    • Enhanced interfaces with classifier, SFF, SFC Proxy
    • Maintain SFC statistics
    • GUI for viewing SFC resource statistics
    • Tie-break logic implementation at classifier
    • Interface with SFC proxy
    • Added new criterion and actions to support NSH as per official OVS patch
  • BGP
    • Added capability to support BGP flow specification and route policy distribution
    • Added REST API for configuring flow specification and route policy distribution
    • Protocol enhancement to support flow specification
    • Protocol enhancement to support route policy distribution
    • code reorganized to support complex flow classes
    • Runtime configuration support
    • Computation of optimal E2E paths (PCE) for MPLS TE tunnels within a PCE domain based on network topology information and computational constraints.
    • Extension to PCE to act as a centralized controller (PCECC) where in the PCECC of controller takes care of label distribution and thus avoid signalling protocols like RSVP-TE, LDP etc.
    • Features include:
      • PCEP protocol enhancement to support stateful PCE/PCE Initiated LSP/PCECC.
      • CSPF path computation in ONOS PCE
      • PCE Global path optimization
      • WebUI enhancement for managing PCE tunnels
      • Label management for PCECC (PCE as Centralized Controller)
      • Support PCECC-Basic using PCEP protocol
      • Support PCECC-SR (Segment Routing) using PCEP protocol


  • Contributions from ON.Lab, Ciena, POSTECH, GEANT,  CREATE-NET, Politecnico of Turin, Tata (TCS)
  • Northbound API support for ICONA enhancements
  • Intent subsystem now integrated with Flow Objectives subsystem
  • Intent-based implementation of virtual network provider. It is really not suitable for production yet, but it does validate the mechanics of virtual-to-physical mapping and isolation
  • Added CLI & REST API for managing the inventory of the virtual networks
  • Develop STC scenarios for validating the v-net functionality and to help further test the functionality during development
  • Initial work on on adding various ONOS services atop virtual networks, starting with device, link, host
  • REST API improvements
    • Supports flow table pipeline
    • Supports encode/decode meter/group/sequence id
    • Bumped up Jersey from 1.x. to 2.x
    • Now can specify application identifier when inserting flow rules
  • Web UI stylesheets refreshed to use look and feel consistent with project website.
  • Started to refactor the Web UI Topology View to be "Region Aware" -- to support enhanced interaction / navigation of the topology
  • Introduction of CLI command "device-interfaces" that lists interface information for legacy devices
  • Add REST API for MastershipService


  • Contributions from ON.Lab, Fujitsu, ETRI, NEC
  • ~6x improvement in throughput for distributed strongly consistent operations
  • Performance and stability enhancements for Resource Store by optimizing the manner in which we represent individual resources in data store
  • ECMap enhancement to periodically purge old tombstones (deleted item placeholders). Improves the stability of long running tests
  • Refactored optical information model into a loadable application using the projection mechanism' making the ONOS core easier to scale and more modular. It is also a blueprint for integrating other technologies such as microwave support.
  • Improvement in serialization mechanism to detect object registration id conflict detection.
  • Created a core unicast route service which provides a centralized route store in ONOS. This helps facilitate the growing number of routing apps and use cases on ONOS by allowing more collaboration between apps and greater API stability.
  • Performance improvements to Adaptable Flow Statistics subsystem
  • Refactor of core Alarm subsystem:
    • polling alarm provider that uses drivers to query alarms
    • distributed store for alarms
    • AlarmService with listener mechanism
    • unit tests


  • Contributions from ON.Lab, GEANT, Huawei
  • Refactor SNMP implementation:
    • correct division of elements in provider, protocol and drivers.
    • SNMP subcontroller.
    • drivers for BTI, Lumentum
    • unit tests
  • Lumentum Alarm Driver
  • Initial support for the reference P4 Behavioral Model (BMv2) software switch
  • Mastership for NETCONF devices
  • Introduction of NETCONF Controller component configuration for "netconfReplyTimeout" setting the timeout for NETCONF synchronous replies
  • SB interface for retrieval of interfaces configuration from legacy devices and its implementation in Cisco IOS NETCONF driver
  • Handling of multiple VLAN-IDs for trunking interfaces on legacy devices and its implementation in Cisco IOS NETCONF driver
  • Removal of VLAN-ID when removing trunk/access mode from legacy device interface
  • YANG Southbound tool for drivers
    • yang to NETCONF XML translation


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