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Tunnel Subsystem


Tunnel is a type of system resources in ONOS. Tunnel subsystem is built to support tunnel setup for applications. This subsystem is constructed in a processing approach based on the model of producer and consumer (P-C). The P-C model distinguishes two types of applications, tunnel producers and tunnel consumers. A tunnel producer is an application capable of creating, updating and deleting tunnels. Tunnel subsystem is responsible of storing and managing tunnels in ONOS store. A tunnel consumer is an application that can borrow tunnels from ONOS store and return tunnels to ONOS store. A consumer can communicate with producer via ONOS for creating tunnels.



The Model of Tunnel Producer and Consumer


The following figure depicts the tunnel subsystem architecture.





  1. Tunnels are firstly created by tunnel producers and then tunnel consumers can borrow tunnels from the tunnel store.
  2. When a tunnel a consumer is requesting is not available, the TunnelManager invoke the method of TunnelProvider to inform a producer what the consumer is requesting with tunnel attributes. After a producer creates a tunnel, the tunnel is stored in ONOS TunnelStore. Eventually TunnelStore will notify the consumer that the tunnel is available and the consumer can start to borrow again.



  • A TunnelAdminService provides service for administrators to interact with the inventory of tunnels.
  • A TunnelService provides services for consumers to borrow, return, and query tunnels.
  • TunnelManager manages interface with multiple Providers via a TunnelProviderService interface and multiple listeners via a TunnelService interface.
  • TunnelProviders support their own network protocol libraries or ways to interface with the network.
  • TunnelStore tracks Tunnel model objects and generates TunnelEvent.
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