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CST Meeting Notes (North America)


Date: Thursday 10 March, 2015 @ 16:00 UTC




* Broadening participation at CST meetings: We discussed inviting more people from across the community to join the meeting, but we've identified Google Hangouts as a barrier to this.  David started reaching out and discovered that many people are unable to access Hangouts from work because of conflicts with corporate firewalls.  Hangouts also has a 15 person limit to a meeting, so that is also a limiting factor to bringing more people in to these meetings.  We're going to try using Uberconference at the next meeting to see how that works.  Once we identify a better solution, David will start reaching out again to invite more people.

* ONOS Ambassadors: Andrea gave an update on what's happening with the ONOS Ambassadors program.  We'll be building on all of the ONOS material that is getting created for ONS and using that as a document repository for an Ambassadors pilot.  Andrea, Carmelo, Charles, Domenico and Jian have stepped up to run the initial pilot and we'll get feedback from them on how to improve processes and information, such as clarifying criteria for acceptance into the program, before expanding the program to include more people.  For next steps, if people want to join the next Ambassadors planning meeting or if they have candidates to suggest for the program, please email David.  There are more details about Ambassador plans at:

* Community survey: Patricia shared information about a survey we're putting together in order to gather feedback from the community about what's working well and what isn't.  There was a discussion about how to distribute the survey when it's ready and also an ask for people to take a look at the draft survey questions and provide comments on the doc at:

* Community metrics: We discussed if we needed more metrics on community activities and took a look at the Stackalytics metrics for comparison.  This will take careful consideration since people raised valid points about issues with quantitative measures.  There was also a discussion about how we could be looking at qualitative measures of contributions instead of or in parallel to quantitative metrics.  For next steps, Patricia, David and Luca will discuss more and will follow up with this group with more information.  David will also check with Jian to see if he's interested in taking part in that.

* Trainings: We discussed if we thought providing more training for community members was important -- for example, a training that helps a new module owner understand what the role is about and how to do well with it.  The group thought this was very important, although there was general agreement that this activity was part of the ONOS Ambassadors program and not a separate project.  That clarifies the role of the Ambassadors to be more than just a group that goes out and talks about ONOS, but also a group that provides support and mentor to people who are trying to join the community.

* Next meeting: The next meeting is in two weeks on March 24.
  The dial-in information will be circulated as soon as we figure out the setup of the Uberconference system.  The agenda will include project updates as well as any other topics that people want to bring to the meeting -- note that a list of projects and owners has been added to the wiki at:

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