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What is L3VPN  

Layer 3 Virtual Private Networks (l3vpn): L3VPN is a technology based on PE. It uses MPLS to forward VPN packets over service provider backbones.

L3VPN comprises the following types of devices:

            Customer edge (CE) device—A CE resides on a customer network and has one or more interfaces directly connected to service provider networks. It can be a router, a switch, or a host. 

·           Provider edge (PE) device—A PE resides at the edge of a service provider network and connects one or more CEs. On an MPLS network, all VPN services are processed on the PEs.

·           Provider (P) device—A P device is a core device on a service provider network. It is not directly connected to any CE. It has only basic MPLS forwarding capability.


This project in ONOS implements the L3VPN creation requests from App. It provides a Rest Api for north app to use. When getting creation requests , the L3VPN component prepares the configuration informations and downloads the configuration informations into PE devices.

The Project is primarily driven by Yang Model.


The architecture of L3VPN as below:


Basic Network diagram for L3VPN model:


Call Flow



What we do

NetL3VPN manager

It's a application. 

How we do