ORGANIZER: Andrea Campanella (ON.Lab) - andrea AT onlab DOT us

SCHEDULE: Thursday Nov 3 (14:00 - 17:00) and Friday Nov 4 (11:00 - 15:30)


What is it? 

The ONOS Basics Track at ONOS Build 2016 will be a series of talks, presentations and demos where the ON.Lab staff will discuss ONOS and it's focal points. 

What is the overall goal of the basics' talks? 

The idea is to spread the knowledge about ONOS technical aspects and the key point about architecture, performance, deployments and use cases. 

How will the talks be run?

Each talk will be half hour long and might be composed of technical presentations and demos. 

Who can participate (ie. what basic technical expertise do you need)?

Anyone can participate.

What is the schedule ?

Thursday, 03/11/16 Morning

Thursday, 03/11/16 Afternoon

Friday, 04/11/16 Afternoon

Friday, 04/11/16 Afternoon

NB: the schedule has to be finalized and can be subject to changes.