ORGANIZERAli Al-Shabibi (ON.Lab) - ali AT onlab DOT us

SCHEDULE: Thursday Nov 3 (14:00 - 23:00) and Friday Nov 4 (11:00 - 15:30)


What is the ONOS Hackathon?

The ONOS Hackathon at ONOS Build 2016 will be an event spanning the length of the conference where participants will develop a new feature into ONOS. The new feature could be as simple as a new small application on ONOS or a new subsystem within ONOS.

What is the goal of the hackathon? 

The idea is to encourage developers to build new applications or new features into ONOS and continue collaborating with them long after the event. 

How will the hackathon be run?

Each team will be composed of at least two people and up to a maximum of four people. Each team will be led by a Team Captain and will come with an idea of what to build for ONOS. We will also propose some ideas for those teams that lack some inspiration ;). Teams will build their feature over the duration of the event and then teams will be expected to present their work to the conference during the closing session. All participants of the conference will vote for the best projects. 

Who can participate (ie. what basic technical expertise do you need)?

Anyone can participate. Of course, if you are interested in networking technology and can write code, that's even better but the hackathon is definitely not limited to coders. It is up to the Team Captain to select and build his/her team, so if the Team Captain decides that he needs a circus juggler or salsa dancer on his team to get the work done and win the top prize, then that's totally fine!

What is a Team Captain? 

Each team is led by a Team Captain who is responsible for identifying the members of his/her team and overseeing the project of his team from the beginning of the Hackathon until the very end, as well as sharing the proceeds of a prize with his/her teammates should his/her team win a prize. 

What is the maximum number of participants per team?

Each team should be composed at least 2 people and up to 4 people. 

What are the prizes ?

The tentative prizes are: 

1st prize: $1,500 USD

2nd prize: $500 USD

3rd prize: ONOS polo shirt for each team member

NB: we will confirm the final prizes middle of October.