FUNCformCluster at 24 Feb 2020 06:31:28

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commit a7a6f4a4456f68d550883ec2b06958a58dcdc194 (HEAD -] onos-2.2, origin/onos-2.2)
Author: Seyeon Jeong []
AuthorDate: Wed Feb 19 17:51:05 2020 -0800
Commit: Ray Milkey []
CommitDate: Fri Feb 21 01:13:17 2020 +0000

Fix possible NPE when 't3-troubleshoot-pingall' command on a host without IP addr
(cherry picked from commit 980eea4a63639bf082570c8bf9e882554921112a)

Case 0: Constructing test variables and building ONOS package - PASS

For loading from params file, and pull and build the latest ONOS package

Case 1: Starting ONOS with indepenent configuration - FAIL

Starting ONOS with one node itself.

Case 3: Checking the configuration of the ONOS - No Result