This page describes how to submit tickets on JIRA.

Creating an Issue

  1. Go to the ONOS JIRA page.
  2. Select the Create button at the top of the page (outlined by a red box below). This will bring up the form to create an issue.

    The fields of this form are:

  1. Fill out the form and hit the create button. JIRA should generate an issue name linked to a summary of the created ticket:

    If any of the fields need to be changed, the Edit button in the upper lefthand corner of the ticket will open an Edit Issue form with access to all of the fields. The issue should be visible in both the Work and Plan views of the Scrum board under Agile > ONOS Scrum Board or by searching for the ticket's name in the search bar. 


How do I find an issue to work on?

If you are new to ONOS and want to ease into it, search for an issue that has the label "Starter" and which is not assigned. Then, assign yourself!

How do I submit a new feature request or a project proposal?

You can follow the process described here. Learn more about releases here.

Documentation vs Software - What is the difference?

The way that a documentation issue is different from a software issue is the epic. A documentation issue will have a documentation epic link.

I created an issue, but I can't find it on the Scrum board!

Make sure that the issue's Sprint field is set to the current sprint, since the swim lane (the work view) only shows those. The plan view should show all open issues, including those outside of the current sprint under the Backlogs section.


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