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commit 9a80af401ffc2f30fd08b2ab7116982cab6baa35 (HEAD, origin/onos-1.15, onos-1.15)
Author: Carmelo Cascone []
AuthorDate: Wed Jul 29 23:48:39 2020 -0700
Commit: Carmelo Cascone []
CommitDate: Thu Jul 30 19:03:07 2020 +0000

Disable using projectlock during release
updated, or change the release process to tag a specific commit instead
of the whole branch.

Change-Id: I2060c74e01a152a07d364a4afa474d9245a3f33b
(cherry picked from commit 00ff4ce6647c2c05162b5d8cd2e0ba3085302056)

Case 1: Pull onos branch and build onos on Teststation. - PASS

For loading from params file, and pull and build the latest ONOS package

Case 2: Starting up 1 node(s) ONOS cluster - FAIL