Test Setup:

Test Procedure:

1) Run "app-intent-perf" on all nodes for 180 seconds;

2) Obtain install/remove throughput results from log (Overall Throughput, Ops = install + withdraw) on each node at the end;

3) scale cluster from 1 to 3, 5, 7 nodes, aggregate all nodes results as the cluster system throughput.



Ops rate (numNeighbors - 0)

Ops rate (numNeighbors - all)36.481.6118.5158.9


Result Discussion:

  1. "app-intents-perf" only generate intents of "1-hop" intents, i.e. all intents are from a port of a switch to another port of the same switch;
  2. With numNeighbors set to 0, all intents/flows installed from a node are for local switches. With "numNeighbors" set to "all", these are the cases where the installed intents have neighbors of all active nodes in the cluster. For instances, with 3-node cluster test, the installed intents from each node will have neighboring of other two nodes - configuration wise, numNeighbors = 2. 
  3. As shown from the results, Intent installation performance scales up with number of nodes in the cluster.