This page captures thoughts and ideas about the long term goals of (and philosophy behind) the ONOS GUI.

The hope is that these ideas will influence the directions we take and the decisions we make as the GUI evolves over time.

Is / Is Not

The GUI is...

The GUI is not...

Who might use the GUI?

The GUI may be used by a number of different roles:

How might the GUI be used?

The GUI may be used in a number of different scenarios:

Finding Information of Interest

The GUI should provide filtering / searching capabilities to allow the user to locate information of interest. Search mode would include:

Search makes intuitive sense for the tabular view - how would other views e.g. topology show search results? Would it stay in the context of that view (highlighting the results or something), or jump to a 'results' view? 

Topology View

The topology view is the main "ONOS out-of-the-box" view, and visualizes the network (and how mastership is divided up by cluster members), but it:

Tabular Views

Some information may lend itself to be presented in tabular form. For example, list of all:

Each line item would be some summary of the item. A gesture (e.g. row double-click) should navigate to a more detailed view of the specific item.

Other Views

There are bound to be other types of view that would be useful for presenting data. Perhaps charts or graphs showing historical data?