REST API Documentation (Swagger)

Swagger UI is a tool to visualize and document REST API's in a sandbox environment. The resource reads in the API specification from a single JSON file which is generated through the OnosSwaggerMojo class under the onos-maven-plugin. The OnosSwaggerMojo class allows flexibility by using QDox to sweep through API resource files and process annotations (JAX-RS and Javadocs) to build the JSON file using consumed by Swagger UI.

Creating the Documentation 

OnosSwaggerMojo begins by looking for a "@path" annotation to decide whether a class contains REST API's. If it finds one it then:

The JSON file is written to onos/web/api/target/classes/SwaggerConfig/SwaggerConfileFile.json

For further Swagger requirements/configuration see the Swagger spec

Using Swagger UI

Eventually the JSON file is fed into Swagger UI which provides a sandbox for using ONOS's REST API's:



The OnosSwaggerMojo can be used to generate Swagger compliant documentation for any REST API that applications on top of ONOS provide.