FUNCovsdbtest at 01 Sep 2015 03:04:31

commit 1d0019ca7dd4d44e41c43ceea911815a7cbecb03 (HEAD, origin/master, origin/HEAD, master)
Author: Thomas Vachuska []
AuthorDate: Mon Aug 31 17:02:17 2015 -0700
Commit: Gerrit Code Review []
CommitDate: Tue Sep 1 02:56:07 2015 +0000

ONOS-2780 Correcting condition logic.

Case 1: Setting up test environment - PASS

Setup the test environment including installing ONOS, start ONOS.

Case 2: Test ovsdb connection and teardown - PASS

Test ovsdb connection create and delete over ovsdb node and onos node

Case 3: Test default br-int configuration and vxlan port - PASS

onos create default br-int bridge and vxlan port on the ovsdb node