Welcome to TestON tutorial!


Test on runs on Linux platform. TestON requires a proper ONOS installation in order to work, see ONOS tutorial for more information.

By completing this tutorial, you will understand how to:

NOTE: If you are having trouble  on running TestON visit TestON FAQs or git hub wiki for additional information.

Important Command Prompt Notes

In this tutorial, commands are shown along with a command prompt to indicate the subsystem for which they are intended.

For example,


indicates that you are in the TestON command line, whereas


indicates that you are in your machine.

Configuring Linux to run TestON


  1. A Linux 2.6.26 or greater kernel compiled with network namespace support enabled (see INSTALL for additional information.)
  2. python 2.6 or higher versions.

Install python package configObj using:

$ sudo pip install configObj



Clone the TestON from https://github.com/opennetworkinglab/ONLabTest.git

git clone https://github.com/opennetworkinglab/ONLabTest.git

Please configure mail server details before going to start working with TestON

233: msg['From'] = 'user@mailserver.com' 
250: smtp = smtplib.SMTP('Hostname/IP') 
252: smtp.login('user@mailserver.com','password') 

Having installation problem? visit TestON FAQ for more information.

Exploring further

Now that you finish installing TestON, you can now create your test cases. Find out how you can create your own tests in test files section of the tutorial.

Stuck? Found a bug? Questions?

Email us if you’re stuck, think you’ve found a bug, or just want to send some feedback. Please have a look at the guidelines to learn how to efficiently submit a bug report.