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Welcome to the ODTN wiki space. All information on this wiki is publicly accessible. If you would like to contribute to this space, you will need an ONOS account:


ODTN (Open and Disaggregated Transport Networks) is an ONF project that aims to rally service providers, hardware vendors and system integrators, to

  1. Build a reference implementation using (a) open source software, (b) open and common data models, and (c) disaggregated hardware devices.
  2. Perform lab and field trials using the reference implementation.
  3. Identify supply chain gaps and propose solutions.

The project's scope covers:

1. Disaggregated DWDM systems, including but not limited to transponders and Open Line Systems, amplifiers, multiplexers, all-optical switches and ROADMs
2. Open source network operating system for control and configuration of the DWDM system
3. Open and common data models, APIs and protocols

Much of this information is captured in the project charter.

Un updated high level overview of the ODTN project can be found here


Participate in ODTN Development (JIRA and Gerrit require you to first register):

Interested in joining ODTN? Please review the project charter and continue reading the Membership section.


ODTN is an operator-led initiative and hosts an impressive selection of leading service providers, along with visionary equipment vendors.





Deliverables and Timeline

The project will produce two deliverables:

  1. Point to point solution (Q3 2018)
  2. Meshed ROADM solution (Q2 2019)

Each delivered solution will consist of the following elements:

  1. Reference implementation composed of complete open source software stack, set of applications, and device drivers
  2. Integration report detailing measured, expected and potential gaps for performance levels and feature sets. Of particular interest are limitations brought about by multi-vendor environment.
  3. Detailed plan for operator-led deployment (lab or field trial), including system design, gap analysis, vendor selection, and resource commitments.


We have identified four teams to drive the actual work in this project, along with an overseeing project management team. Please refer to individual team pages using the sidebar on the left.


To become an ODTN participant requires that the organization executes two documents. The project charter is the primary legal document. The individual and institutional CLA are the Apache CLA, with some adjustments to make it applicable to the ODTN project (changes do not legally affect the Apache CLA wording). The Institutional addendum can be used to make changes to the institutional CLA.

Project charter (required)

Individual Contributor License Agreement (CLA)

Institutional Contributor License Agreement (CLA)

Institutional Addendum to CLA

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