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This page contains information related to the work done by the (unofficial) ONOS documentation group. This page is intentionally separate from contributor information since it's more closely in line with a working group landing page (but the landing page for the docs is, and should be, ONOS).


This group holds community calls to discuss various aspects of ONOS documentation (currently the wiki) and related resources, for those interested in, or are, contributing to documentation for the ONOS platform.

Agenda items and notes are collaboratively added here. Notes are later distilled into minutes, which are linked in the table below.


11/9/16 (tentative)Make suggestions here

Resuming meetings after hiatus

7/26/16Tutorials section survey
7/19/16Proposals and ideas for tutorials
7/12/16Continued survey of Administrator Guide
7/5/16Administrator Guide survey
6/27/16Developer Guide survey
6/20/16 Architecture Guide survey
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