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Brigade Leads:

  • Murat Parlakisik

Brigade Members:

Waiting for members 

Contact the brigade:  

Meetings :

Bi-weekly meeting Friday 8:30-9:30  PDT  (next meeting : 10/20/17)


This brigade will focus on onos integration to orchestration&nfv architectures. 
Brigade will communicate with other open source communities for requirements and architecture integrations.
Our possible focus is integration onos/cord with : 
-OPNFV  (There is a team working on opnfv integration , we will communicate with them for future requirements )
-ONAP (Open-O and Ecomp  are merged. )
Based on requirements , integration possibilities and community supports ;
Brigade  will decide to continue or freze integration with some of these orchestrators. 
Brigade will also share information about  integration status of orchestration releases which is working with onos/cord releases as well

First meeting presentation (Kick-off) orchestration brigade -kickoff.pptx

How to get involved:

-Need people who also involved to other open source orchestration communities . 


In our first kick-off meeting , we decide to go on with two orchestrator (ONAP,OPNFV).

Next meeting , we will create tasks and start to work on integration work-flow .

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