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NavService - Navigation Service

NavService is an Angular Factory in the Nav module with the name nav.js. It provides functions to control the navigation pane and navigating between views. To use these functions, see the documentation oninjecting Angular services.

ONOS Navigation Pane:

showNavShow the navigation pane.
hideNavHide the navigation pane.
toggleNavToggle the navigation pane between shown and hidden.
hideIfShownHides the navigation if it is shown.
navToNavigate to the given path with optional query parameters.

Function Descriptions


Show the navigation pane.

Example UsageArgumentsReturn Values


Hide the navigation pane.

Example UsageArgumentsReturn Values


Toggle the navigation pane between shown and hidden. If the navigation pane is shown, then the pane will toggle to hidden, and vice versa.

Example UsageArgumentsReturn Values


Hides the navigation pane if it is shown.

Example UsageArgumentsReturn Values

true - if the pane was changed to hidden

false - if the pane was already hidden


Navigate to the given path (within the ONOS GUI views) with optional query parameters.

Example UsageArgumentsReturn Values
ns.navTo(path, params);

path - the path to navigate to (without the first slash)

params - an object with a list of the query parameters you want in the URL

none, but the page will navigate to the new GUI view

For example, to navigate to the Foo View with a query parameter of bar:

ns.navTo('foo', { bar: baz });

This will navigate to the URL: http://<DOMAIN>:<PORT>/onos/ui/index.html#/foo?bar=baz

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