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UI Service - QuickHelpService

QuickHelpService is an Angular Factory in the Layer module with the name quickhelp.js. It is used to create a quick help panel for the view via the KeyService. To use these functions, see the documentation on injecting Angular services.

What is the Quick Help Panel?

Below is a screenshot of the Quick Help Panel on the Topology View.

initQuickHelpInitialize the QuickHelpService.
showQuickHelpShow the Quick Help Panel with current key bindings.
hideQuickHelpHide the Quick Help Panel.

Function Descriptions


Initialize the QuickHelpService. You can call this if you would like to change the custom settings.

Example UsageArgumentsReturn Value

opts - (optional) an object with custom settings:

fade: Number of how long the animation fade time should be



Show the Quick Help Panel with current key bindings. Currently, this is called in the KeyService.

Example UsageArgumentsReturn Values
qhs.showQuickHelp(bindings);bindings - an object. See the KeyService Key Mappings for the correct formatting.

if bad bindings were received, returns null

if the Quick Help Panel was already showing, will hide the panel and return true

otherwise, no return value and it will show the panel


Example UsageArgumentsReturn Value

true - if the Quick Help Panel was hidden

false - if the Quick Help Panel was already hidden when this was called

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