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This is an archive of the ONOS 1.0 wiki. For the current ONOS wiki, look here.

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While ONOS source tree contains a number of builtin applications, a separate source repository onos-app-samples has been setup to host various sample and test-oriented applications.

Clone the Application Repository

git clone

Maven Build

The entire sample application code base can be built using the usual Maven command:

mvn clean install

Development alongside ONOS

To develop sample applications along-side with ONOS, you can import the top-level sample applications pom.xml file as a module into the existing ONOS project. This setup will allow developers to easily refactor across both code bases.

IntelliJ Setup

Complete the import wizard via File > Import Module... > select pom.xml from onos-app-samples > Next > Next > select JDK > Finish

When done, the IntelliJ Project navigator window should look something like this:

Eclipse Setup

  • steps to be documented

IDE Setup for Standalone Development

To develop application code alone follow the usual procedures to import the project into your IDE.

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