This is an archive of the ONOS 1.0 wiki. For the current ONOS wiki, look here.

Welcome to the ONOS User's Guide! This guide is aimed at those who wish to understand the details involved in deploying and administering standalone and clustered ONOS instances.

As in the case with any on-going project, these docs may fall out of sync with the project, but we’ll try our best to keep them accurate. If you are interested in helping us keep these documents up-to-date, please take a look at Contributing to the ONOS Guides.

  1. Welcome to ONOS !
  2. Getting ONOS
  3. Installing and Running ONOS
  4. Interacting with ONOS
  5. Distributed ONOS
  6. Applications and Use Cases
  7. Experimental Features

Appendix A : CLI commands


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