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This is an archive of the ONOS 1.1 wiki. For the current ONOS wiki, look here.

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The Device View provides a top level listing of the devices in the network. All devices connected to the network are displayed in tabular form. (This view will be expanded on in future releases.)

Each row in the table is a single device on the network. To see more devices, scroll down inside the table body. 

Total Devices

The total number of devices connected (both online and offline) is displayed in the upper left corner.

Column Headers

The column headers for each section in the table are sortable. By default, the devices are sorted in ascending order by Device ID. Once any header is clicked on, table will be sorted in ascending order and an icon will appear indicating the sorting direction.

If the same table header is clicked on again, then the sorting direction will reverse and the table will be sorted in descending order by that header. The icon will change to indicate the new sorting direction.

You can toggle between ascending and descending on any named header.



 If the device is online, a green checkmark is displayed in the far left column of the table.

 If the device is offline, a red "x" will be displayed instead.

Device Type

 Indicates the device is a switch connected to the network.


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