This is an archive of the ONOS 1.2 wiki. For the current ONOS wiki, look here.

This page describes how to get ONOS. In order to download the binaries, the VMs or to checkout the code you don't need to register any ONOS account.

ONOS Binaries and VMs

The ONOS binaries, as well as VMs pre-installed with ONOS are available from Downloads

ONOS Source Code

The ONOS source code may be downloaded using git. git is available via various package managers.

Checking out code

The latest ONOS source can then be cloned using git:

$ git clone

This clones the repository to your home directory, under a directory named onos.

Updating an existing repository

If you have already cloned an earlier version of the repository, you can update it using the following git commands:

$ cd onos
$ git checkout master             # checks out 'master' as the working branch
$ git pull --rebase origin master # pulls the latest code from Gerrit, and rebases any local changes onto origin/master

In order to checkout the stable, release version of ONOS, do the following once you cloned the repository:

$ cd onos
$ git checkout 1.1.0    # checks out the official release tag
# --- or ---
$ git checkout onos-1.1 # checks out the Blackbird maintenance branch

Maven Artifacts

The artifacts have been pushed to Maven Central Repository

You can directly add artifacts to your pom.xml file. Here is an example of how to pull in the onos api:




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