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This is an archive of the ONOS 1.2 wiki. For the current ONOS wiki, look here.

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ONOS provides three ways to exchange information within the Community:

  • IRC channel
  • mailing-lists
  • Q&A forum (

The official ONOS IRC channel is #onos on, you can find a convenient webchat app at

ONOS has a Q&A forum for succinct questions and answers ( moderated and managed by the community). All lengthy discussions belong on the mailing list below.

ONOS uses Google Groups for its mailing lists. Unless otherwise noted, they are all public - anyone can join, follow and post.

To join ONOS groups, click on the links below.

When adding a new list add it to the following table with a link to the google group to make it easy to join or visit the group.

onos-announce@onosproject.orgLinkGeneral ONOS announcements.This list is used to let ONOS community know of events and other notifications. You should be on this list.
onos-discuss@onosproject.orgLinkGeneral ONOS discussion list.This list is for general discussions related to ONOS topics that do not fall under onos-dev and onos-user. Good idea to be on this list.
onos-dev@onosproject.orgLinkONOS developer discussions.This list is for all ONOS development related discussions. If you are a developer or tester, you should be on this list.
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