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Enabling Security-Mode on ONOS

1)     KARAF-3400 bug fix

 Karaf 3.0.3 uses Felix Config Admin 1.8.0 by default; however, its not compatible with Karaf ( for the details)

Step 1: Download and Install Felix Config Admin version 1.6.0


$> wget

$> mkdir $KARAF_ROOT/system/org/apache/felix/org.apache.felix.configadmin/1.6.0

$> mv org.apache.felix.configadmin-1.6.0.jar $KARAF_ROOT/system/org/apache/felix/org.apache.felix.configadmin/1.6.0/


Step 2: Change Karaf configuration to use Felix CA ver. 1.6.0

<Modify Karaf /etc/>


$> vim $KARAF_ROOT/etc/


//Change the version number from 1.8.0 to 1.6.0 as shown below:

mvn\:org.apache.felix/org.apache.felix.configadmin/1.6.0 = 10



2)     Install Felix Framework Security Extension (ONOS ver.)

We’ve modified Felix Framework Security extension to enable some of the key features of Security Mode ONOS. We need to install this modified extension to the maven repository.


$> git clone

$> cd onos-felix/

$> git checkout onos

$> mci


3)     Change KARAF configurations to enable Security-Mode

 Karaf needs to be properly configured to enable Security-Mode.


<Modify Karaf / etc />

… at the very very bottom of the file


# Security properties


# To enable OSGi security, uncomment the properties below,

# install the framework-security feature and restart.

#${karaf.etc}/all.policy    (Uncomment these two lines)                (Uncomment these two lines)${karaf.etc}/trustStore.ks



<Modify Karaf / etc / org.apache.karaf.features.cfg>

featuresBoot = onos-security, …


That’s it! Security-Mode is enabled!




review [app-name]

: print specified application’s security policy

review [app-name] accept

: accept and enforce the security policy


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