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ONOS Multi-Clusters Peering Provider

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Project Description

To summarize the objective of this feature project in a sentence, we can say that it enables multiple ONOS clusters to share information about their networks, using an East-West interface, based on a peer-to-peer approach. Moreover, it allows an application, running on top of a specific cluster, to configure, via the NB Core API, routes crossing different dataplane devices, not under the control of that cluster. 

To implement this solution we decided to implement a new ONOS Provider (e.g. Adapter), responsible to interact with the ONOS core to:

  • retrieve the local cluster topology
  • inject the remote clusters topologies
  • configure (add/modify/remove) intents coming from remote clusters

Topology Abstraction

Each cluster exposes the local topology to the peers as a single big switch, with several ports. Each port can represent both a customer edge point (e.g. the boundary between the managed infrastructure and remote networks) or an interconnection with other managed clusters. 

The cross-connection matrix (not all the ports can be reached from a source port, in case of link failures) and related metric information (hop-counts and link bandwidth) are also shared with remote clusters. 

Policy-based Approach

In order to cover a wide numbers of different scenarios, we decided to exploit a policy-based approach, very similar to a standard multi-domain protocol such as BGP. The network operator can configure at runtime:

  • the peering clusters allowed to access the local information
  • the maximum number of intents settable by each remote cluster
  • the weight of each interlink (the link between the local and remote cluster)
  • the preferred path for specific classes of traffic (based on L2 and L3 fields)
  • ...  

Applicability: single and multi-domain

This feature can be applied both to single and multi domain use-cases.



Detailed information could be found in the Design child page.

Project Design

See the Project Design page.

Project point of contact

Matteo Gerola

Project contributors

Michele Santuari
Bruno BosciaUniversity of
JunHuy LamDongseo
Francesco LucreziaNetgroup -
Chiara ContoliUniversity of

Meeting Minutes

Project Schedule

High-level TaskEstimated Delivery DateTarget Release
High-level design08-31-2015 
Low-level design09-30-2015 
Provider Implementation11-30-2015E....
Remote communication implementation01-31-2016F....
Runtime configuration11-30-2015E....


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