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System Test Setup Overview

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Components in this Setup:

  • Jenkins CI system (Optional - if you need to have automated build job set up; else, all the test cases can be driven from TestStation.);
  • Wiki (Atlassian Confluence), or other publishing services (Optional - if you don't need to publish test results);
  • Gerrit Repo -; this is the git repository for both onos and OnosSystemTest;
  • TestStation - runs "OnosSystemTest/TestON"; optionally onos Bench and Mininet. Required: "OC" environment variables are configure in the host to run test scripts.
  • ONOS cells - each cell is a node running ONOS - the number of cells needed depending on your test cases;
  • SDN network - this is either a Mininet-emulated network, or physical network.

Example Test Setup Procedure:

This guide will help you install TestON, configure your environment, and run a sample test with a three node cluster.

Requirements: ONOS 1.3 or higher (recommended) must be correctly installed. Follow this guide to install ONOS.

Clone Mininet to TestStation and run the install script

$ cd ~
$ git clone	# Clone the repository
$ cd mininet
$ git branch -v -a									# Show all the remote repositories
$ git checkout -b dynamic_topo origin/dynamic_topo		# Checkout the dynamic_topo repository
$ cd util
$ sudo ./ -a								# install all modules

NOTE: If you have a different repo of Mininet, we recommend removing it and re-cloning the one listed above. You will also need to remove these packages from your home dir: pox, loxigen, openflow, flop, oftest, openvswitch, and any other package that mininet installs. Refer to this page if you any questions


Clone "OnosSystemtest" to TestStation 

$ git clone

Set your cell. The sample test requires a 3-node cell. Follow this guide if you are having trouble setting your cell.

NOTE: The cell needs OC1-3 defined, OCN to point to your bench test station, and OCI to point to OC1. 

$ cell <cell name>

NOTE: Make sure ONOS is update-to-date and you build it before running the test.

Run the sample test.

$ cd ~/OnosSystemTest/TestON/bin/
$ ./ run SAMPstartTemplate

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