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High Level Architecture Overview 


  YangForge provides runtime JavaScript execution based on YANG schema modeling language as defined in IETF drafts and standards (RFC 6020). Basically, the framework enables YANG schema language to become a programming language. It also utilizes YAML with custom tags to construct a portable module with embedded code. It is written primarily using CoffeeScript and runs on Node.js and the web browser (yes, it's isomorphic). This software is sponsored by ClearPath Networks on behalf of the OPNFV (Open Platform for Network Functions Virtualization) community.

     You can visit YangFore github repository.


 It is a internal application in ONOS. 



L3VPN Demo Application

The demo application is actualized using YangForge and based on following IETF YANG models:

L3VPN YANG Model Sample  




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