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CST Meeting Notes (North America)

Date: Thursday 2 June, 2015 @ 16:00 UTC


Introductions from new members

Chad, Software Architect to work on CORD


Community outreach: 

The interviewing process is over. Patricia creating a simple PDF that highlights discoveries

Project is done for now until we do another round. Next couple of weeks we will be gathering feedback and recommendations on how to address different painpoints highlighted by report. Once we have the final set of recommendations, we’ll discuss during the CST



No update



We have had a few community marketing meetings since we kicked them off. The meetings have been focused so far on messaging and but the overall goal of the call is to cover all things marketing, including social media, events, branding, messaging etc…



We have populated the wiki with more content. Andrea is building an Ambassador curriculum with existing material or recently updated material. William finalising the Ambassador life-cycle document detailing all the different phases of the Ambassador lifecycle from the moment they apply to the moment they leave the program. This will be shared on the ambassador mailing list. 

Please cast your vote for the ambassadors logo if you haven’t already.


Second draft on ONOS governance is ready for feedback from the board. Very small changes and some good suggestions from the Linux Foundation. Important suggestion is to project lifecyle and update the election process.  

When do we create a new steering team? There will be some natural point when a group becomes elevated to become a Steering Team. It would be good to discuss this with the Linux Foundation how a steering team comes into being. 



We don’t have a very sophisticated email system and so we’re going to experiment with MailChimp. It would be great to get some testimonials and/or tips on best practices. 

Karan is our new community intern and will help with our community infrastructure projects forward


Community Labs

No update. 



Project is on hold for now. Once the CORD website is done, we will revisit this. David to give an update once CORD website is done. 



William, David, Eva and Bill are currently brainstorming an idea to organise a large scale ONOS developer summit later this year (possibly Sep or Oct?). The vision is to bring together all developers currently working on ONOS to gather together under one roof to meet, share, align and hack together for 2 days. 

William to draft a proposal next week outlining vision for an ONOS Summit based on provisos experience running summit at Mozilla.  



  • Should we have rotating chairs for this meeting to include more people voices?
    Everyone is open to having rotating chairs for the CST meeting. Next chair is Chad. William will be backup. 


  • What are the requirements to be part of the CST? What are the benefits Responsibilities? Workflow of actionable ideas submitted at the meetings?
    Do we need more clarity and more process? Recommendations from Patricia : maybe we should write an introductory email to new community members so they understand clearly what they should expect
  • Regional mailing lists
    One idea is to have community members  use a regional mailing list to share what they’re doing. Another idea is to encourage people to update their wiki profile page
    Long term though is to use fork the Mozilla Reps people page  - We need to give ONOS contributors the chance to share what they’re doing for the benefit of the greater community

    Reading recommendation
    Great book on working remote. Interesting chapter on how to prepare for a team meeting when all your team mates live thousands of kilometres away.

CST Meeting Notes (Europe/Asia)

Date: Friday 3 June, 2016 @ 08:00 UTC


General update on CST  meeting previous day

William walked through one-by-one the summary points of the North America/Europe CST meeting. 


ONOS Developer Summit

Feedback: ONOS Developer Summit could make sense to organize in Asia given the large amount of ONOS contributors in this part of the world. 

SIngapore is also an interesting location because of ease to obtain a visa


Regional Mailing lists

Everyone on the call is very receptive to creating a regional mailing list for Asia. Next step: to create an Asia regional mailing list and promote heavily. Purpose of the mailing list is to help connect contributors in Asia and encourage them to share happenings, updates, events etc.. that are Asia specific. Goal: have better visbility of what's happening in Asia and enable contributors to share more. 


Other topics

Huawei organizing large summit end of August - perhaps ideal time to prepare community meetup. William to follow-up with Henry. 

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