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CST Meeting Notes (North America)

Date: Thursday 19 May, 2015 @ 16:00 UTC



Community Survey

Patricia gave an update on the survey process and we talked through her blog post about initial findings.  William asked if there were any surprises and she said there weren't, but that it was good validation for things this group has already identified as priorities.

David talked about next steps – he created a wiki page to gather recommendations for how to address the main points in the finding and anyone is welcome to add to it.  After giving people a few weeks to add thoughts, he'll pull feedback together and present back at both a TST and CST call.  Thomas mentioned there's no need to wait for that process before making changes and he mentioned some changes he's already making for the TST call and with creating a new roadmap page for the wiki.


Eva shared an update on how planning for the ONOS and CORD mini-Summit in Berlin is going.  She then shared a new Community Marketing document she created to start tracking marketing tasks people can get involved with and she invited people to add ideas and comments to that doc.

She also mentioned that there will start to be an open community marketing call each week – this had been an internal call, but in response to the survey's finding that we need to be more transparent we'll open that up and invite people to join.  More meeting details will be shared soon.

Ambassador program

William and Andrea shared an update that the new Ambassador wiki pages and an experimental application form are live and that a provisional Ambassador Steering Team has been set up.  For next steps, the goal is to have the Ambassador program in beta soon and then to have it officially launched in June at the mini-Summit in Berlin.

They also shared that a community meetup in Italy in September is being planned and this would be the largest community event in Europe so far and that it will be a good opportunity for Ambassadors to meet together.

Metrics in progress, no update

Infrastructure in progress, no update


Bill shared some updates, including that he is working on documentation about the lifecycle of new projects in the community and work to launch CORD as a stand-alone project is ongoing.  There was then a discussion about creating a community labs structure and we decided this was important enough to create as a dedicated CST project for ongoing planning and discussions – David will add to wiki.

Community Articles

David shared thoughts on the article "Open source projects rely on donated time—what motivates participants?" and talked about how the information there was relevant both to the importance of having a clearly communicated mission and values statement for the ONOS and CORD communities as well as the importance of the Ambassadors program to create a social layer to these communities that will increase ongoing engagement from community members.

Community values

Bill walked the group through the ON.Lab and ONOS mission pages and the ONOS governance doc to show how we are articulating our mission and values now.  Time for further conversation ran out, so we discussed having this be an ongoing project for now while we figure out how to update and communicate this more broadly.

Other topics

There were other topics, such as creating a meetup in Silcon Valley, that we didn't have time for an we'll move to the agenda for the next call.

CST Meeting Notes (Europe/Asia)

Date: Friday 20 May, 2016 @ 08:00 UTC

Contribution Metrics

Kalyan: individual contribution metrics are not visible - we need to make them visible (ie. lines of code contributes, code reviewed etc..) This will greatly increase our capacity to encourage and motivate contributors to the project. Openstack do this very well. See this

Of course, the flip side to providing visibility to contributions is that this could encourage quantity over quality whereby people might be eager to push code just for the sake of being seen on top of the leaderboard of developers, rather than focusing on pushing high quality code. 

That said, contribution metrics should not be restricted only to code, but we need to consider metrics for code review comments, Test defects etc, this will help to control the quality  as people are motivated to review/test others code

In the case of Kalyan's team, some work with openstack,  since both metrics for code contribution and code review is considered theirs, people are more careful about quality as they would not like get -1 from others

Community Events

Huawei is sponsoring the July 16-17 IETF Hackathon (Berlin) - 4 to 5 people from Huawei will be going and possibly William and Andrea from ON.Lab.  

Four problem statements using ONOS have already been shared - we expect that there will be around 25 attendees - more info here

ONOS Meetups

Kalayan and Satish are setting up an ONOS Bangalore Meetup

Henry and Derek are setting up an ONOS group in Nanjing and Beijing using Douban 




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